Craig R. Medvecky

Creative Writer and English Teacher

Teaching Profile: Student Evaluations

First-Year Writing Students

The course was great! I liked that Craig allowed us to choose our own topics for our research paper! It help[ed] me engage further outside the course with my own major and concerns. This was one of the most laid back and efficient English courses I have ever had. I was a pleasure. I loved the structure of the course. It was nice and Craig's strategies were great in keeping us focused and engaged. Other instructors should take notes. I had a blast.

He was very understanding about other things in a student's life affecting their work—never asked questions/details—just asked how/when you could get the work done.

The number of assignments were good because I stayed thoroughly interacted with the course all semester. I also like the 15 page timeline. Lot's of time to develop and tweak [the research paper] to make it something I'm proud of.

Craig is very well organized and so well equipped in general as a teacher. He is also very well articulated which made taking this class fun and a breeze. He knows what he's talking about, he's very reasonable and hilarious, too!

The steps we took before writing out paper, the assignments, really helped for beginning our papers.

[The instructor] clearly explained direction and had a very positive attitude.

[The instructor] gave really good feedback.

[The instructor] had a really good way of explaining the activities. I never once questioned why we were doing something. So therefore, the activities were helpful.

His demeanor and the way he taught were both incredibly engaging. He brought examples and was thorough with everything.

[I learned] how to find good, trustworthy, and scholarly resources and information.

[I learned] the writing process to help me better write a successful paper.

[The instructor] was well organized and provided good feedback on assignments :)

[I learned] how to manage my time better.

I really enjoyed the class this semester. I definitely will admit English classes were usually never my favorite ones because I'm more visual person rather than reading/writing. However your class was the first one that really taught me how to read things and make sense of them and evaluate them. Just wasn't something our high school or tech teachers drilled into us.

Creative Writing Students

I really enjoyed how open everyone was in the class. I felt like I really got the most out of the class when we were all talking or in small groups […] Mr. Medvecky is a really wonderful person. His energy, good nature, and reliability all helped make the class so comfortable.

He was very helpful and returned assignments promptly with thoughtful comments.

This class really gave me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone of traditional story writing and into another world where writing became free and no longer a burden. It was a combination of the professor's way of composing class, the pieces read, and my workshop group that really allowed me to relax and realize that I can really use this class to my benefit if I stop stop stressing over the small things and put my personal touch and effort into every piece and revision of my pieces.

Thank you for a great semester I learned a ton about writing that I never thought I would actually want to do. I had a great time Honestly I didn't minds waking up for this 8am class. Thanks again.

I thought this course really helped me find my creative side. I was always afraid of a class like this but ended up really enjoying it.

I found this class to be extremely valuable because it created a place where I could write and express myself through writing, but also learn about writing creatively.

[The Class] was an ideal environment to discuss ideas with peers. Very comfortable and relaxed. Subject matter was very intellectually stimulating.

Overall it’s probably the best English course I took all year.

It was challenging and emotionally rewarding.

[The Instructor] was able to conduct discussion and workshop-based course well.

I was able to think in ways I had not before.

[The Instructor] showed passion and knowledge of the course material. He worked hard to engage the entire class.

[The Instructor] was enthusiastic about the subject and very approachable which made sharing work easier.

I have gained another perspective writing. I have learned the intricacy of writing.

[The Instructor] has the concrete knowledge and ability to clearly teach class.

Literary Studies Students

Thank you for aiding in my having another college semester that further ensured my desire to major in English. It was a pleasure working with you, Craig.

This course engaged critical thinking with helping build analytical skills.

[The Instructor] asked thoughtful questions that made the people think and engage in class discussion[....]

This course was intellectually stimulating; it encouraged critical thought and analysis of interesting novels. It helped to view ideas from outside the traditional train of thought.

[The Instructor] generates good discussions, while leaving room for the class to interject with their own ideas.

It was nice to take a class that was reading intensive with books that were enjoyable to read. The subject is very interesting and relates to the novels I read outside of class.

[The course] broadened my skills in analyzing novels and texts while reading them, giving me a greater scope to interpret teh importance or meaning of the text. The course is interesting and different in a positive sense.

[The Instructor] leads discussions well, drawing together points made by various class members. Puts the emphasis on the class to come up with ideas and interpretations instead of spoonfeeding measures.

The structure of the class was good, everythign was spaced out so there was enough time for each assignment. There were opportunities for everyone to do well.

He is a very knowledgeable professor. He brings outside sources to establish context and explains everything well. He's easy to pay attention to and makes the class interesting.

I was never into reading much, but this course taught me a greater appreciate for reading and books. It has helped me learn to read faster and more thoroughly as well as how to write about literature.

Got me to read outside of my comfort zone.

The literature was fairly recent, and concepts were relevant to today's world. The in-depth discussion helped me to really understand the literature, while encouraging me to stretch my mind.

He seems to be a very fair grader and really wants students to learn.

Very organized classes. Stuck to syllabus. Very detailed explanations about assignments and gave very thorough responses when asked for help. Awesome Instructor!

He is very understanding of situations that come about and is willing to work with students to overcome them. He also really engages students and is easy to talk to and learn from.