Craig R. Medvecky

Creative Writer and English Teacher

Writing Center Studies

Graduate Writing Support

My Writing Center research builds on current sholarship in the field of graduate student writing support and seeks to understand and demonstrate the ways in which grad student support needs differ from those of undergraduates. Current work in this area includes a 2014 Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association talk entitled “Developing Graduate Student Writing Outcomes Across the Curriculum” and the 2104 International Writing Center Assocation conference where I will lead a Special Interest Group discussion with Jen Lagedrost on the efficicacy of specific Writing Center Outreach Initiatives in meeting graduate writing needs. Building off this work, I am also seeking to apply what I learn to the training and professional development of graduate peer tutors.

Research Writing Course Design

Growing out of my interest the scholarship of teaching and learning, I have begun a qualitative research collaboration with Dr. John Mulvihill. Together we have been examining the qualitative differences in approaches to course design between veteran and novice College Research and Writing (English 102) instructors at UW-Milwaukee. We have undertaken data collection two years running for over 50 UWM instructors. We have done analysis using MAX-QDA and presented findings concerning beliefs and corresponding practices of different classes of English 102 instructors.

Editorial Feedback

We were stunned by your craftsmanship.

— Shady Side Review

This is the most important essay on Barthelme's short fiction in over a decade.

— Contemporary Literature

Thankyou for incorporating our feedback. This is an excellent piece and a real pleasure to read.

— Gnovis

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