Craig R. Medvecky

Creative Writer and English Teacher

Writing Samples: Poetry

Song of the Undersea

from The Strange Fruit. 1:2 December 2005.

young morning
makes songs to the fishes
water worms crawl on the bottom
only spotted botete, the poison fish,
floats lightly trembling in the eel-grass
is the grey green water
a hazy mirror-green mirage: legerdermain
his face, fatherly and benign, cannot be trusted

the practiced black venom sack
manufactures poison
the distillate, a poultice against illness
if illness is age
the sting from its throat is the tilt
of a hat on a man
his beaten face, his head
shot away.


from Dialect. Spring 2010.

     His smile
[a] keyless pianola
in the zinc-roofed
wooden clarinet
of his [mouth].
Like the broken rake of some catastrophe
they miss netting the debris
that flows freely through his dentition
Chrome reflects off the flaking enamel
His own fifteen wooden teeth, like little zeros
ought, ought, ought, …

A coin slot for newspapers,
luminous daily numbers,
[clandestine] literature inside those walls,
documents of an incalculable value
for recrimination—

While shaving, he murmured [something about
waiting for spare parts —the teeth—
purchased versus, Ah,
those that had arrived:
the censor [lines] to read between
in the dead man’s house of his [body].