Craig R. Medvecky

Creative Writer and English Teacher

CV: Service

University Service

  • Bridges Service Learning Coordinator • Loyola University (2016)
  • As classroom instructor for WR323, I coordinate Loyola's involvement in Bridges Program, through which Loyola students tutor Baltimore City High School students after hours. I administrate the program with our parter Victoria Brown at St. Paul's School.
  • MAWCA, At-Large Board Member • Loyola University (2015-6)
  • I serve on the Executive Board for the Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association. Members conduct organizational planning through regular attendance at board meetings. In addition, I edit the monthly newsletter for over 800 regional members, facilitate MAWCA elections, and maintain the website.
  • Writing Department Digital Design • Loyola University (2014-16)
  • I help design both digital and print materials to showcase the Writing Department to existing and prospective students. The materials adorn admissions fairs and appear on digital signage throughout campus.
  • First-Year Writing Essay Contest Committee • Loyola University (2013-4)
  • As co-chair I provided event organization, administration, and promotion to foster the growth of prize celebrating first-year writing at Loyola.
  • English 102 New-Instructor Mentor • UWM (2012)
  • I served as a mentor for first-time teachers of English 102, continuing in a role that I helped develop, while serving on the WPA in 2011.
  • Writing Program Assessment • UWM (2012)
  • I participated by invitation in a two day assessment of UWM freshman writing program student achievement based on defined learning outcomes across multiple program years.
  • Student’s Guide to Freshman Writing Revision Committee • UWM (2012)
  • I served on the committee in charge of annual revisions and updates to the student handbook, which is a required text for all students enrolled in the Freshman Writing Program at UWM.
  • Writing Program Administration • UWM (2011-12)
  • I sat on the Writing Program Administration committee, as part of twelve member board overseeing the progress and development of the first-year writing program at UWM.
  • English 102 Instructor Mentor • UWM (2011-12)
  • I designed and implemented a curriculum to mentor first-time teachers of English 102, College Research and Writing. Based on my own recognized excellence in the classroom, I served as a consulting teacher to the UWM Writing Program Administration board. In this role, I substantially developed mentoring curriculum, coordinated a cohort of mentors and peer groups, and personally served as mentor to teachers of English 102.
  • Composition Advisory Committee • UWM Graduate Member (2011-12)
  • I conducted teaching observations of both on-line and face-to-face classrooms to facilitate disciplinary review and peer counseling of graduate English TAs, including official performance evaluations.
  • Campus Connect Gatekeeper Suicide Training (2011-2012)
  • I received special training to help teachers identify and respond appropriately to suicidal or otherwise troubled students.
  • Graduate School Scholastic Appeals Committee • UWM (2010-2011)
  • I served as Graduate Rep in academic review and disciplinary hearings pertaining to allegations of misconduct. The committee, of which I was a fully empowered member, rendered final, binding decisions with respect sanctions and/or other actions to resolve disputes between graduate students and faculty.

Professional Service

  • At-Large Board Member MAWCA, (2015-2017)
  • Steering/planning for MidAtlantic Writing Center Association. Elected for a two year term.
  • Peer-reviewer Contemporary Literature, (2010-2013)
  • With expertise in the literature of Donald Barthelme.
  • Production Editor Cream City Review, (2008-2009)
  • As Production Editor for the Cream City Review, UWM’s premier literary magazine, I took final responsibility for delivering print-ready, four-color layout and design of 200+ page bi-annual issues. In addition, other duties included overseeing capital upgrades, budget requests, facilities improvements, correspondence with faculty liaisons, as well as close collaboration with Editor in Chief and other staff. During my tenure, I also initiated inter-departmental collaboration between Peck School of the Arts and English Department and managed the design internship program.

University Service: WPA

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A Student's Guide To First-Year Writing at UWM, now features advice from students who took the sequence in the previous year.

Professional Service: Production

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CCR issue 33:1 features fiction by Clifford Garstang, nonfiction by Kathleen Rooney, and art by Sheila Alvarado.