Craig R. Medvecky

Creative Writer and English Teacher

CV: Education

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • Ph.D., English (2012)
  • Dissertation Committee: Liam Callanan (Chair); Marcus Bullock; Lane Hall;
  • V. Laken (fourth reader); M. Filippello (outside scholar)
  • Dissertation Title: Frying Pan Park, 1975
  • Abstract: The novel Frying Pan Park, 1975 places father-son relationships at the core of a dialogic structure in order to test the paternalistic mantras of American nationalism. At stake is the health of the American family, and by extension, the well-being of twenty-first century civilization. In making a link between family values and national values, the work also places these father-son battles in the context of a modern civilization, wherein, despite the veneer of manners, the intergenerational war continues at the psychological level. These conflicts mirror the shifting power relations between America and the so-called ‘developing’ world through a series of skirmishes that drift across national boundaries, until ultimately, time itself that topples the father from his pedestal of greed and acquisitiveness.

Emerson College

  • M.F.A., Creative Writing, Fiction (2006)
  • MFA Thesis Committee: Douglas Whynott (Chair); B. Brooks
  • Thesis Title: A Room With Twelve Doors
  • Abstract: A Room With Twelve Doors is set in San Francisco in the 1970s against the backdrop of the emerging HIV/AIDS crisis. This novel excerpt begins the story of a classical pianist. The narrative unfolds over the course of a single evening as the protagonist performs four Beethoven sonatas. Through the vehicle of music his past and present collide revealing a profound struggle for self and sexuality identity.

Princeton University

  • B.A., History (1990)
  • Thesis Committee: Manfred E. Boemeke (Advisor); J. M. McPherson (Reader)
  • Thesis Title: Railroad Finance, Railroad Failure in Virginia in the Nineteenth Century